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Finally got the camera on my borrowed tripod and took some long exposures. Some turned out pretty well. I really enjoyed it. ...

Biker riding a customized motorcycle Photo young wheel wear view velocity vehicle travel transportation transport sky sitting rider Ride posing pose person outside outdoors motorcycle motorbike motor man male machine guy driver drive chopper blue black and white biker bike

bicycling with a miniature orange tree in Hanoi, VIetnam | Conde Nast Traveler (en espanol) via Corbis

Thomas Blatt, (Toivi) (15 April 1927 Izbica, Poland) Together with three hundred other Jews from Izbica Thomas Blatt was transported to Sobibor by truck on 23 April 1943. He was one of forty young men who were selected to work in the camp. He had to shine SS Frenzel’s boots and reinforce the fencing around the camp. He was also forced to sort and burn the clothing and personal possessions of the victims.

Called by the highly evocative name of “Bullwhacker,” the statue celebrates the men (and a few women) who drove often reluctant oxen to transport supplies from Fort Benton down Mullan Road to the gold camps in Helena.

A range of shellfish and edible seaweed, such as dulse and sloak was gathered from the rocky shoreline. A brown seaweed known as leathach, ‘wrack’ was cut from the rocks and then mixed in with boggy soil from the mountainside to form a homemade fertiliser for the potato crop. Seaweed was also dried in the sun and then burnt at a low heat in shallow pits. The ashes were known as Kelp and soda. Kelpwas sold to town merchants.

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