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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart quotes reason The Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever.love this man.

Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart

Be a Part of the Studio Audience at These NYC TV Shows

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart-- smart guys are smoking hot :)

~ Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Joining 9/11 Memorial Foundation Board

Jon Stewart was the greatest newscaster faux or otherwise! Good luck Jon Stewart on your future endeavors! Enjoy dinner with your family on a school night too!

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart explains why he's "obsessed" with Sean Hannity, in much the same way he's obsessed with anti-biotic super bugs or the Pacific garbage patch. April 23, 2014

Must-see: Hannity attacks Jon Stewart. Stewart responds with epic smackdown. (He should have known better than to attack Stewart.

I'm by no means a liberal, absolutely not a democrat,  and not republican. i am Libertarian. The Liberal made a good comment however. How presumptuous of man.  Our government needs complete overhaul and until "We The People" stand up ... this country too shall fall. We are just about there people!

I am an atheist, but I still find this comment amusing. Many Christians probably fail to understand it or will be offended by it, or both.

jon stewart Quotes | Jon Stewart on the Younger Generation

By far the BEST quote from The Rumble 2012: Jon Stewart on the Younger Generation

From what Jon Stewart learned about humanity on September to the need for gay rights, we present the most incisive and best Jon Stewart quotes ever.

Jon Stewart, as always, is spot on.

Is it democratic to force democracy on others? Everyone is open to opinions but that made me think of it in a whole new light.