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A cheap and easy way to cover up a wall

antique Louis Union jack british flag armchair red and silver vintage furniture

Well, I do have (A) framed Union Flag in my home that I brought from London many moons ago. ;>)

I've always had a love affair with Union Jack anything...guessing that with the Olympics this year I'll be seeing a lot of Jack popping up...I'm fine with that.

loving this turquoise wall color and that pink union jack art

Home Ideas from KOHLER

I was going to paint our TV cabinet in more traditional Union Jack style (darker cobalt blue), but this has changed my mind. Maybe I'll tackle this for Labor Day Weekend. Wish me luck!

union jack and flowers in a basket wheel

Awesome Scooter with the Union Flag - because its only properly called the Union Jack when it's flown at sea - Anglophile problems - note the New York (USA) licence plate / license plate

Commemorating 60 years of Elizabeth's reign ... this is a beautiful, large red and blue Elizabeth Union Jack silk scarf by English Eccentrics. £120 at

Then my dad and my both are from Europe but here is another pic to show the culture