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  • Bailey Elizabeth

    His eyes were something of a marvel, somehow pushing the boundaries between emerald and gold, and reaching beyond the limits of the visible color spectrum.

  • Eli Alexander

    You have no idea how much that means to me... Like, I feel like writing a book now. Dude... You made my week with that. Words cant describe.

  • Sadie Bee

    Emerald green

  • Fallon Reynolds

    You're eye is NOTHING like this. You're eye, is... indescribable. What you see and what I see is... so far off. You wanna know what I see? I see... a story. I see every little detail in your eyes. I see happiness and I see sadness. I try to read your eyes... what they are saying. I see the real you. I see WAY more than "just a green eye." I see so much comfort. So much strength. So... much.... love.

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beautiful picture, and better yet, she has two different colored eyes like me :)

What if we all were just masks?

Beautiful child, with dreads ... wide eyed with wonder ... ♥

Reflection photos are so cool if done right. And this one could not be any better. I love how the girl is positioned, her expression & how the photographer chose to edit the image.

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Chata de Galocha! | Lu Ferreira - Page 2 of 701 - beleza, moda, design, fofoquinhas, dia a dia e muita chatice!

"Her eyes were exactly like mine. A deep brown right around the pupil, that faded into a pine tree green. It was the only quality that I actually liked about myself, when I was young I got compliments day and night about my eyes. But that was before everyone found out. Before they knew I was different." -Charlotte Borden (RL)

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The dark hair and green eyes a child of Poseidon inherits

Celeste eyes ... like the sky ... Blue eyes