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Don't hang up, it's just your baby you catapulted out of its carriage! Photos Capture Unbelievably Bad Parenting In Action | Happy Place

.omg for real......

Ring around the head...what?


If he only had a brain!

If only the heel is removable and it converts into flat.

kei kagami

Who thought of this ridiculous thing!

¡Malandros! Beautiful poster, ridiculous message.


Tiny Car ~Driving this car is like having a death wish. What is wrong with car designers?! As long as there are 18 wheelers, SUV's , and other kinds of larger vehicles than this one on the roads, I would never consider buying a "coffin" like this.





The word ridiculous comes to mind!

President Obama ~People, no need to reply with your outrage; it's my opinion and it stands!

Human fortune cookie? Dumb.

Prada high heels inspired by classic 50′s cars

Think about this picture: Would you wear a pair of nails under your naked heels? NO!!!! (I would expect people would answer NO) Well, that's exactly what we, women, do when we wear stilettos or those new super high shoes. No good at all!!

Platform Shoes in Electric Blue!

How do you walk in this contraption? Ridiculous!

Cat pumps. WHY?

Jeffery Campbell ~STUPID!

Jeffery Campbell SWAG ~STUPID!