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do you ever wink. when you're winking in you text? i do. i look weird walking around winking tho haha it's almost as bad as laughing out loud when you LOL

Stupid white girl problems: Making out with the air while trying to locate the straw in your drink. I do it all the time embarrassingly enough.

while this is true, why does the bottom say this is a problem only for white girls? Do black girls have straw sensing capabilities? Do asian girls have robot straws that find their mouth instead of vice versa? What about the mexican girls?

good stuff

I would laugh so hard if someone did this in my elevator! So funny! That would totally make my day!

"you know that one with what's his face" and "that song that goes..."

and fave baseball players, and fave restaurants. and basically fave everything.

True shizz

Lol So True Showers are so great. They make you feel nice and clean, yuo sound like a professional singer, and they also help you make all of life's decisions. Showers make life better

Ummmm, I seriously do this... Especially in the tanning bed so I can gauge when to flip over.  Lol.

Inspiring picture black and white, funny, song, songs, text. Find the picture to your taste!

moms should not text haha

What's Missing from this map in Spain?

kinda like when my mother in law would write "lol" after every single text.she thought it meant "lots of love"