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A pleasant find this weekend in Cleveland. Good selection of pre-Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Mac stock (which for some odd reason I've been looking for) and much more. Also, when you're tired of record shopping, there's a good vintage shop next door.

Most famous for the Charlie Brown soundtrack, Vince Guaraldi has to be one of the most (quietly) eclectic jazz pianists around. This one's not hard to find, but it's hard not to like.

It's funny to me that this album was "controversial" when released on account of the multitracking. What did they think about Herbie Hancock! I think it's just good. Evans is probably my favorite jazz pianist. Not the best, perhaps, but I'm not that sophisticated, and I'm a sucker for his plaintive lyricism. What's great here is that he offers so much more (must be all those other tracks). I've never heard him play like this before.

A good day at the record store...I've been looking for this bad boy quite awhile: all the hits on little bitty toy instruments.

When I was growing up, this was the closest thing I had to a bible...from here to Pitchfork, music criticism has definitely lost a little something.