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Star Heart Tattoo,

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faith tattoo

Heart and key wedding tattoos.

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purple heart tattoo. Love it! I don't usually go for anything with a heart but I guess the style and color appeals to me.

love it Friendship Tattoos

Women's Tattify 'Chin Up' Temporary Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

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Heart Tattoos with the name of your children! Neat idea! This is cute too, and it says Benjamin! I think it's a sign. ;)

heart infinity tattoo

Faith, hope, love to make a heart. I would add serenity, courage, and wisdom to the other side of the heart.

heart and roses

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"Together forever never apart" "Maybe in distance but never in heart" BFF tattoo

sister tattoo.. take away hearts and put infinity sign. Also take out US and put SISTERS.

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heart infinity tattoo

heart sister tattoo