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Periscope Watching TV Spectacles, Prism Glasses or sometimes called Lying Down in Bed Reading Glasses! $16.99

These Bed Spectacles feature right angle prisms enable you to read, write or watch TV while lying down without lifting or moving your head.

Blue Horizontal Reading Lazy Lie Down Mirror TV Sit View Glasses On Bed Lie Down - Watch TV in bed comfortably

Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles - Don't worry no one can see you! But you can now read in bed, in comfort!

Bed Prism Glasses - How To Watch TV In Bed Comfortably!

Reizen Bed Reading Spectacles

Lazy Creative Periscope Glasses. Watch TV or Read a Book in Bed Comfortably!

ADJUSTABLE & REVERSIBLE BED PRISM SPECTACLES GLASSES. Ideal for anyone who has to lie down face up or face down. More here..

You can watch videos or read books when lying on bed.

Brand new and high quality.Bed Prism Glasses. Watch videos or reading books when lying on bed.