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Task-Vision Adjustable Angled Glasses by Task-Vision. $89.50. Fits over prescription glasses.. Ideal for people who must lie flat, stay reclined, or be seated with their neck in a fixed position.. Increases field of vision.. Angle of reflection can be adjusted while wearing the glasses.. Uses mirrors to reposition the image.. These Adjustable Angled Glasses allow you to change the angle of viewing so you can read or watch TV when seated, reclining or lying down.

Uncaged Ergonomicsfrom Uncaged Ergonomics

WorkEZ Executive

I sit all day at the computer for work. Here's a reasonable way to change your position and work station. It allows you to place your laptop on it, stand at a desk, sit on a floor, change positions which is a good ergonomic practice. Also if you are returning to work from surgery, etc, it is a good way to adjust your work area.