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That is so true. Its a strong courageous thing to take the time and love yourself first.

"A successful relationship requires falling in love multiple times, but always with the same person."

So true! We should all work on cherishing every moment of every day. You'll never get your past back!

SO TRUE! I have flaws and if you point my flaws out i will point yours out !

no, I'm not lucky. Yes, I AM BLESSED.....and I am TRULY BLESSED!!!

I can think of a few people that should take this advice~dmk

I do this pretty regularly. One of the things i love about Will- he can give me a certain look and i know what I'm doing. | See more about remember this, marriage advice and quotes.

"I methodically and instinctively began jotting down all of the reasons I love you. But more importantly I began writing down all of the reasons I won't lose you. I couldn't get past the first (and only) line. It said: 'Love of my life.'"