soap and glory body polish - #sephora #colorwash

10 Exfoliators. Asterisk on all of the body exfoliators and the dry scrub brush! I need me some of the stuff they use at the nail salon because when I wall away from a pedi, not only are my nails pretty and colorful, but my 4-day leg stubble feels like a day after shave.

EOS chapstick sticks!! These would make great stocking stuffers!

Urban Decay - Naked Palette #sephora

The dirt on Glamglow....

"You will never need another pink lipstick if you're willing to spend money on this. By reacting with the chemicals in your body, it turns your lips their own, personal shade of pink! Fabulous!"

For super smooth, kissable lips tonight, gently exfoliate dry skin with this yummy tasting scrub this morning.

"This foundation contains a pigment that perfectly mimics a glowing tan. I'll add a few drops to a body lotion, then rub it on my arms and legs, just as I would a bronzer. I do this all the time for photo shoots." - plus 33 other cheap but great beauty products from women's health

"I put on makeup. I sprayed this. I went swimming for like an hour and it was STILL THERE. Buy it already. Urban Decay Setting spray."

Korres - Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial #sephora

Best wrinkle cream according to Dr. your money and buy this instead of the fancy creams. I bought this cream and I have noticed a difference.

NARS Blush in Orgasm Blush


This highlighter is beautiful and adds a luminous glow that'll keep your winter complexion bright and lively.


Put this on your legs bikini area when you get out of the shower after shaving it prevents razor bumps, makes your skin soft moisturized, also kept me from having to shave the next day! Best thing ever especially during swimsuit season.

MAC TWIG. - a soft natural almost nude pinkish-brown. A flattering lip color for almost anyone.