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Funny pictures about Photobomb Level: Shark. Oh, and cool pics about Photobomb Level: Shark. Also, Photobomb Level: Shark photos.

When that guy you think is annoying scares you for fun.

A little too close for comfort

Insanely Close Calls, Some Of These Guys Were Very Lucky (gifs) ~ Humor Pictures 24 - Very Funny and Interesting Pics

Buceo en jaula cerca de los tiburones blancos en Gansbaai - Sudáfrica Una de las experiencias más emocionantes de la Reserva Natural privada de Grootbos, es el buceo en jaula cerca de los tiburones blancos en Gansbaai. Gansbaai tiene la reputación de ser la capital mundial del tiburón. Los buceadores y los aventureros viajan desde todo el mundo a Sudáfrica para avistar a esta magnífica criatura en las aguas alrededor de Dyer Island, cerca de Gansbaai.

Cage divers confront a great white shark on the Isla de Guadalupe. (Photo and caption by David Litchfield/Nature/National Geographic Someday I want to dive with sharks

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming- I love the ocean, to me that manaray, whale, whale shark, and jellyfish are really cool

I am never going swimming in anything besides a pool. Ever. Again.

22 foot - 2500 pound Crocodile The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at such a rapid rate, that they had to call in the Army to hunt down the culprit. A 22 foot, 2500 pound Crocodile

Sharks need a little appreciation (and don't deserve to be mutilated and dumped to drown so we can have soup that tastes like chicken)

About Shark Week…

All about Shark Week! Plus, some serious stuff. I want to look into that. That is in no way okay! Sorry about all the language but this is really dear to my heart! I want the educational shark week back Discovery Channel!

Animal Photobombs!

Animals do the best photo bombs. These seriously make me laugh EVERY time! Who has some good photo bombs from our furry friends?

Holy...How Do I Unsee This?

Holy…How Do I Unsee This?

So not a sea Spider. More like alien facehugger! Seriously though, its a concept facehugger that they never used from alien