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  • Linda S

    June 30, 2011 Make DIY wall art with office supplies. Even the artistically challenged can make modern, graphic artwork using office supplies. The red painting above is made with 3/4" round Avery labels and 1/4" tape from Office Max. I used a 10-inch blank canvas from an art store, but you could paint this design on a piece of wood or spray paint it on metal, too. … If using a canvas, I'd suggest brushing a coat of Mod Podge or acrylic gel medium on first; it will smooth out the rough surface a bit so the paint will be less likely to bleed underneath the tape. When the surface is ready, arrange pieces of tape and stickers to form abstract plant shapes. Burnish each piece with your thumbnail to make certain it's stuck down really well. Paint the surface (I used acrylic) and remove the stickers. … Jess said... To the folks asking about the bike... it was a stock image I got somewhere and then traced with a sharpie onto a 10x13 piece of paper—my printer won't print that large. I can't remember where I found the image, though, sorry!

  • Jessica Mattson

    Make easy DIY artwork with office supplies.

  • Amanda Ross

    Office Supply Art - Painter's Tape and Dots for the red and white painting 100 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space via Brit + Co.

  • Kimberly Veazey

    Easy DIY Art Project

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Mustache art! I would be the person to have this where everyone in the living room could see XDDD

Very Cool DIY Wall Art Take a 24x30 Canvas and 20 6x6 pics and organize them how you like then modpodge them onto the canvis... leave overnight and then take a roll of stained glass foiling tape and outline the photos!!

Finally found what to put on my naked dining room wall!!!! Will post MY finished version (once complete)

this looks like a super fun, easy painting to put in the house! this one is a must try, for those like me who uh, lack painting skills lol

DIY Wall Art Ideas - love the written art canvas concept (though that glazed-over-fatal-attraction-play-misty-for-me gaze along with the canvas's desperate message are unnerving to me)

I have the perfect wall in my master that this would work with this! Oh how I love coming up with my own art, well someone else's idea of course...

simple diy wall art...def have to do this in the kitchen so that i can switch out the artwork whenever i get the whim to do so!

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