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  • Heather Delgado

    One of my pet peeves while driving that brings out the my inner road rage

  • Ann Secrest

    Someone always does it. You just have to laugh, and let them in. Cracks me up when people get all road raged over it.

  • Kelly

    ... or your giant truck! I usually cut people some slack if it is clear that they are not familiar with the area, however some of these drivers are clearly and aggressively just trying to cut in line. I wish they did have sarcastic road signs to address some of the road rage elitism -i.e. those who think other drivers need to clear a path for them -because they think they are special.

  • Deanna Thompson

    Left lane ends… this needs to exist in real life!

  • JB

    Funny Billboards

  • AtlanticCoast Plexus

    Pinner said: "True story. " I agree. We need signs like this, and a couple for tailgaters and people who drive in the left lane while NOT passing and block up traffic for 18 miles.

  • Bailey Holt

    Street sign sarcasm, love it

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Accurate. A little TOO accurate.... Admit it, you probably just said that in the TMNT's voices ;)

Road signs: What they REALLY mean. (I can't stop laughing at this.)

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Shelly and I were embarrassing in the movie theater. We laughed out loud through the entire movie.