Pinot Grigio Wine...I am finding that I really enjoy this wine. It is light, clean, crisp and fruity.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio is a perfect Summer wine. Something about this cheap wine makes me want to take my top off. I mean sandals. Just kidding.

beautiful for the holidays: White Wine Spritzer: Barefoot Moscato, Diet Sprite, Frozen Raspberries..

Red Moscato | Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

A well designed & accurate wine guide for beginners. Make the connections between styles of wine, wine glasses, wine calories, temperature



50 wines you can always trust...

Barefoot Moscato-This is not very expensive, yet pleasant.

Barefoot Moscato! Good tasting wine doesn't have to cost a lot.

10 good bottles under $20

The 16 Best Wines for Less than $15...good to know.

The Best Sparkling Wines under $15 We tasted over 100 wines to find the best sparkling wines under $15 for every occasion. You'll be so surprised that these 5 wines are so inexpensive, you'll want to do a toast to good cheap wines at your cocktail or holiday party, wedding reception or over dessert!

barefoot wine. yum.

Barefoot Riesling--this wine is SO good! If you think you don't like wine, try this first. It's light and fruity. Very reasonably priced, too. $6.99 for a 750mL bottle.

Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Pinot Grigio for the Holidays!

Barefoot Refresh Wines | Summer Red - sweet, light, slightly carbonated - a little like drinking a wine cooler, but better

Primo Amore Moscato wine - it is sweet and fruity. Discovered at Olive Garden and was very pleased.

A Beginner's Guide to Wine #infographic #wine #vino

Best Wine Ever !!!!