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The New Milford Plant of the Hackensack Water Company, a water filtration and pumping plant located on Van Buskirk Island, an artificially created island in the Hackensack River, in Oradell, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States.

New York State Lunatic Asylum | Bridge to Infirmary Ward, Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts

Palacete Rosa Pena – Espinho, Portugal. It occupies an entire city block of the city of Espinho and unfortunately is in a high state of degradation.

Another State of Mind Photography (unfortunately, none of the photos had the name of where they were taken)

#Abandoned#Forgotten and in #Disrepair|The Twilight of Her Years: An Abandoned Victorian Farm House, Whitakers Vicinity, Nash County, North Carolina

"Abandoned House" -- [An abandoned farm house in rural Virginia.]~[Photograph by moondiva3174 (Mary) - January 21 2008.]'h4d-128.2013'

70 Abandoned Old Buildings. So sad that beautiful homes like this are left to rot. Of course, the vultures come in and remove the hand carved banisters, mantels, etc. Check out the room at the very top. Looks like it has lots of windows.

"Abandoned Homestead" -- [A large decaying home on Route 12 near Copenhagen, Jefferson County, (upstate) New York. It is now demolished.]~[Photograph by Mark L. - December 10 2004]'h4d-299.2013'

Prewrite Directions: 1) Write the title of this setting in the collection section of a notebook (Suggested Title: Bora Bora) 2) Imagine that you have been transported to this location. 3) LIST everything you SEE, HEAR, SMELL and TASTE while you are there. **Common Core State Standards: W3 and W5

Abandoned - Wish I knew what and where... (35 Photographs of Abandoned Places)

Taunton State Hospital built in 1854 in Taunton, Mass. Built according to the Kirkbride plan of mental asylums. The breezeways were added in the 1890's to connect the neo-classical buildings. After abandonment, most of the buildings burned down. The rest were demolished in 2009.