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Please boycott zoos. Pinner says: The New York State Museum has replicas of animals and it occurred to me that this was a fantastic solution to the problem of zoos. It will employ just as many people to create and maintain the exhibits, no animals need be used and it is just as educational and interesting. It will also save money because there will be no expense to feed and maintain live animals well-being. Just a thought.

They have as much right as we do to share our planet. Is bacon really something you cat live without?

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These 9 Facts About Factory Farming Will Break Your Heart (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

9 Facts About Factory Farming That Will Break Your Heart (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) {this is why I tried to become a vegetarian - ONLY buy meat that is raised humanely - so sad :(}

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10 Inspiring Quotes about Animals

I dream of a world where no human hurts so badly that they feel justified in mistreating an animal.

Great Pyranees make excellent Guardian dogs for ALL farm animals. They'll keep away all the predators

Live cruelty-free and teach your students to do the same! [Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals]

This is truly heartbreaking :( and why I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY CIRCUS! These animals belong in their natural environment living their lives as they were meant to - NOT tortured to perform demeaning tricks for human entertainment. A circus is no better than the likes of those things that took place in the Roman colosseum. Sham on those who run and those who support circuses. They should be banned!

Innocent animals deprived for humans' short-lived pleasures.Is your mouthfull of animal flesh worth a lifetime of misery? Don't be cruel, be vegan!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to The Circus.

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go to The Circus. The circus is advertised as a family event, but there is nothing wholesome about it. #boycottthecircus

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One voice for Animal Rights

Jacqueline Traide, a 24-year-old performance artist, was hauled on a leash into the window of Lush’s Regent Street shop window. What followed was 10 hours – streamed live, of what animals go through when being used for product testing in the cosmetic industry. L’Oreal is one of the biggest abusers of animals in this manner. It’s easy to avoid products tested on animals… just read the label and make sure it says "Not tested on animals" If it doesn’t say that - it IS TESTED ON ANIMALS

Martin Luther King Jr.-One of just a handful of promising leaders that actually felt humanity. Cared what became of every living being on this planet.

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10 Documentaries that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Animals

These filmmakers are using documentaries to persuade a better life for animals. 10 Documentaries that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Animals. I just watched Blackfish and The cove. Lets all save the planet shall we?

The ripple effect....the more of us that adopt rescue animals from shelters and educate ourselves and each other...the more hope there is for animals who cannot spak for themselves.

The Facts About Chaining and Tethering - Why this practice is cruel to dogs: These living souls are not a door bell either!!!!!!!

Humans have no more of a right to be on this planet than other animals. Years of tradition and a social belief of human supremacy has led us to believe that humans have a right to kill other beings. We share this planet with many other animals. Animals who have voices, fears, and desires. The time has come to realize that we ALL belong to this earth. We take the lives of animals as if we're God - who made us God or some supreme ruler that can value an animal's life as less than our own?