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Pet abuse and Factory Farming are no different. Think about what companies you support before you buy your meat. Factory Farming and Farm raised/ or free range are different.

Please boycott zoos. Pinner says: The New York State Museum has replicas of animals and it occurred to me that this was a fantastic solution to the problem of zoos. It will employ just as many people to create and maintain the exhibits, no animals need be used and it is just as educational and interesting. It will also save money because there will be no expense to feed and maintain live animals well-being. Just a thought.

These simple yoga poses can help you get centered, alleviate stress + just generally calm you down. What's not to love?
from mindbodygreen

13 Yoga Poses That Will Calm You Down & Bliss You Out (Infographic)

Step-By-Step Tutorial on building cattle-panel hoop-housing for animals. Quick, cheap, and great to have around as a quarantine pen for new birds & goats!