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Harry Potter

The first thing I always write in a new journal is: "Do you know anything about the chamber of secrets?

We are the Harry Potter generation

I am part of the Harry Potter Generation. I grew up with the books and movies and it has played a huge role in my childhood.

I'm pretty certain I've pinned this before, but it's worth a repin!

C'mon Google…time to face reality

If I was a teacher, I would count that right

Good answer.

yes! if I was this kid's teacher, I totally would have given full credit for creativity.

Harry Potter :)

An entry from evello*

I would probably totally do this if I were drunk.or sober.

This must have been what Jason was thinking...hmmm.  Oh well, it's the truth.  I don't like Harry Potter.

Fact, for me this is an absolute deal breaker with NO exceptions.

5 Steps to Achieving a Chaos-Free Space: Make cleaning a habit

Harry Potter Typography Poster Print / House Elves Don't Work Here Wall Art / Minimalist Design by EntropyTradingCo on Etsy

Thank you J.K. Rowling for your marvelous gift!

yes, it is my life. yes, i've read the books a lot. yes, i cried all during the last film. yes, i'll read the series to my kids