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I love the ending of Amelie, where they ride around Paris, together... It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :-D

now this I dont think looks cheesy. A lot of pictures where they are not looking at each other I think look super cheesy

adorable wintry photos | inspired by this blog + alexandra roberts photography.

Love these. Especially love the one that says to surround yourself with creative people. Don't be precious about your creativity. Let the world see it and be inspired by it. And don't think that you can't be inspired by others too. That just makes you insecure! SO, surround yourself with creative people and admit that you're only as great as you open yourself up to be!

this has to be one of the best engagement shoots i've seen - absolutely beautiful shots!

I love pictures like this in the fall. Breezy, layers, and holding hands - what is not to love!

Beautiful pose of a couple with gorgeous natural light. Sincere and natural. Love his fingers in her pockets as well.

This is it. . .pay attention! This series illustrates what young, romantic, carefree, silly and explosively spontaneous engagement photography is all about. You can "read" their story here. Jose Villa, you my friend are a genius :)

i always do this to get a really great shot

Inspiring article! I really want to become a better photographer. If you check out any of my pins, check this one.