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Talking about mental health often, it is the most overlooked aspect of a person’s overall health.

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Personality Traits that may lead to mental illness Infographic -- This is a helpful chart to keep yourself and your mental and emotional states in healthy balance. Do you see yourself here?

Mental health disorders can be debilitating. I've personally struggled with depression at different times in my life, and I know first hand how this stuff works. The good news is that mental health problems can often be managed. Sometimes it's nothing more than changing your diet and activity level.

Positive steps for mental health: -Accept who you are -Talk about it -Keep active -Learn new skills -Keep in touch with friends -Do something creative -Get involved -Relax -Survive -Ask for help

Comics about mental health and depression. Illustrates one of the most misunderstood and misconception of health conditions.

How much stuff does your body make in a year?<< interesting facts while studying the human body.

Kindness Once Again Spotted In Canada hmmmmmmmmmmmm this reminds me of something.

The frozen bird lesson… The frozen bird lesson… lol @Peg Hewitt Downs Sorensen and @Katlyn Lovett Sorensen too funny and Truth be told...

Animal Differences. Frog Toad Ape Monkey Dragonfly Damselfly Termite Ant Bee Wasp Turtle Tortoise Alligator Crocodile The Meta Picture

Comic Relief challenge Mental Health Stigma