Funny Medical Conditions

Sesame Street Disorders I'd go a step further and say that Cookie Monster has pica, as well...

brain functions chart | Neurotransmitters | Brainy Info

Toxidrome - Serotonin Syndrome


Fun facts

Unhappily Ever After.. could y'all stop destroying my childhood please

Lol I should have this for that person who is chatting with their family member and then turns and tells me her pain is a 10! We say a 9 should be "Chop my leg off with no anesthesia, Just get it off!" 10 can't speak any more.

Medical cartoons

Mental Health NCLEX review

Find Lauren Faust and thank her

Cartoon logic so funny

Kill people with kindness ;)

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Hey Arnold characters as teenagers so funny!

The Spongebob Squarepants conspiracy theory

Reimagined cartoons - #cartoons #disney

"The Tom and Jerry thing almost ruined my childhood but it didn't actually show them dying"

Me after night shifts

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