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    Funny Medical Conditions

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    • Corinne Taylor

      Cartoons and Mental Health Check out what personality disorders different cartoon characters have-----> wow, this screwed up my childhood.

    • Courtney Wells

      Cartoons and Mental Health Check out what personality disorders different cartoon characters have....ha

    • Amanda Magoon

      HAHAHAHAHA, I love that I get it.Cartoon psychiatric disorders. My childhood has been ruined.

    • Jackie Tennyson, aka Crash

      Cartoon psychiatric disorders...I knew cartoon characters were a bit nuts, and they are!

    • Billie Gerding

      Cartoon psychiatric disorders. Thought you would get a kick out of this @Liz Casali

    • Web Feuerborn

      Cartoon psychiatric disorders. My childhood has been ruined.

    • Gemma Clarke

      Cartoon characters and their psychological disorders.

    • Brooklyn Redmon

      Psychology humor. c;

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    Serious punch in the childhood… and yes I know this is a cartoon I just thought this was important to show you guys