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Personality Traits that may lead to mental illness Infographic -- This is a helpful chart to keep yourself and your mental and emotional states in healthy balance. Do you see yourself here?

Mental health information at www.healthyplace.... Mental health support..just remember. Sometimes the illness is so acute, that reaching out by those with the illness may not happen. Be their advocate. Find help. www.healthyplace....

Mental Health Survival Tips... "I'll end up alone and all I'll have are my damp clothes." haha!

Infographic on Teen Mental Health. Unfortunately, Teen Screen has closed down. There are still resources for teens, though. is one such resource. Follow this pin to download handouts that can be distributed at schools, clubs, or wherever there are teenagers.

Support mental health awareness. 3 in 5 adults with mental illness done get any mental health care. Remove the stigma! Take action donate to theovernight.dono...

Cartoon psychiatric disorders. This would have made work so much easier this summer!!

Mental illness can affect anyone. In fact, one in four adults will experience a mental disorder in any given year. Help us spread the important message that mental illnesses are medical illnesses, and treatment is available.

How old cartoon characters would be