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  • Isabelle Paresys

    GARCON - Jean Clouet, Le dauphin François (files de François Ier et de Claude de France, vers 5-6 ans, Anvers, Koninklijk museum.

  • Lucy Funk

    Clouet Jean, Doufin Francois | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  • Khandace Collins

    3rd Child of Claude de France - Francis, Duke of Brittany (1518-1536) by Jean Clouet (1475–1540)

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Madeleine of France, also known as Magdalene of Valois, Queen consort of Scots. Lived 1520 –1537), first spouse of King James V of Scotland. Daughter of King Francis I of France and Claude, Duchess of Brittany (daughter of King Louis XII of France and Anne, Duchess of Brittany). Died of tuberculosis. Buried at Holyrood Abbey.

Queen Claude De France ( Oct. 14, 1499, Romorantin, France— July 20, 1524, Blois), queen consort of King Francis I of France (reigned 1515–47), the daughter of the French king Louis XII and Anne of Brittany. On her mother’s death in January 1514, she inherited Brittany and, four months later (May 18, 1514), married Francis; on his accession to the throne the following year, Brittany was definitively joined to the crown of France.

Francis, Duke of Brittany. Son of Francis I and Claude of France. Died at age 18 of poisoning.

Claude de Valois,Queen of France (1499-1524) daughter of Louis XII of France and Anne,Duchess of Brittany,wife of Francis I of France by Corneille de Lyon

Son of Queen Claude and Francis I, Francis, Duke of Brittany and Dauphin of France by Francois Clouet, 1533

Louis XII, the Father of the People (1462 - 1515). King of France from 1498 to 1515. He married Joan of France, but divorce her to marry Anne of Brittany, who he had two daughters with. After her death he married Mary Tudor, but died a few months later. He was very active in foreign policy.

Louis XII of France. Mary Rose Tudor was his third queen, whom he married when he was 52. He died 3 months later.

Charles II de Valois, Duke of Orléans. Son of Francis I and Claude of France. Died at age 23 of the plague.

Louise of Savoy (11 September 1476 – 22 September 1531) was a French noblewoman, Duchess regnant of Auvergne and Bourbon, Duchess of Nemours, the mother of King Francis I of France. She was politically active and served as the Regent of France in 1515, in 1525–1526 and in 1529.

Margaret of France (French: Marguerite de France or Marguerite de Valois, 1553 – 1615) was Queen of France and of Navarre during the late sixteenth century. A royal princess of France by birth, she was the last of the House of Valois.,Daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici sister of Kings Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III and of Queen Elizabeth of Spain. Queen of 2 countries, for she had married King Henry III of Navarre who became King Henry IV of France.

Francis II ( François II) (B: Jan. 19,1544 – D: Dec. 5,1560) was aged 15 when he succeeded to the throne of France, after the accidental death of his father, King Henry II, in 1559. He reigned for 18 months before he died in December 1560. He was also King consort of Scotland (1558–1560) as the husband of Queen Mary I.

Prince Henry of France married Catherine de Medici in 1533. Crowned as King Henry II in 1547 following the death of his brother King Francis. It was not until 1544 that Catherine produced their first son Francis, followed by a daughter Elizabeth in 1544. They had 10 children, of whom 8 survived infancy.. Francis II , King of France; Elizabeth, Queen of Spain; Claude, Duchess of Lorraine; Charles IX, King of France; Henry III, King of France; Margaret, Queen of France; Francis Duke of Alencon.