pieza para un niño.

map pins


pin your travels....Pin your travels on this personalized world map. Flag where you have been and where you would like to go.

pin the places we've traveled to.

guest room... everyone pins where they are from.

love this idea of pinning important events on a pretty map as home decor

Personalized World Travel Map with Pins and by PushPinTravelMaps

World Push Pin Travel Map in Wood Frame 24x36 1st by DegnodiNota

World map with pins with cork backing

Para niños.


DIY cork board map. Use pins to show where you've traveled, would like to travel, or places you and you loved ones have lived

All with just pins!


fun idea for living room with a sofa like this with a giant map of the world behind it with little pin-flags where the family has been ( doubles as a family-tree of sorts- or rather, where we all originated from )

love the map



Stencil on burlap, then pin to painted wood

small kitchen