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Robert Johnson - 100 Greatest Guitarists

robert johnson

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Pete Townshend - 100 Greatest Guitarists

Pete Townshend

David Gilmour. Not overly flashy, but his tone and taste are astounding. Someone who plays solos that you remember note for note in your head decades later is a true master!

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The Lost Beatles Photos: Rare Shots From 1964-1966

George Harrison tunes up his guitar backstage at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on August 16, 1966.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Guitar Legend, virtuoso! He sure could play that Fender Stratocaster like no one else. So glad that I got to see him perform a couple of times before his death on August 27, 1990. As far as his albums/songs, you name it and I love it!!

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Jimmy Page - 100 Greatest Guitarists

jimmy page

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Jackson Randy Rhoads - 20 Iconic Guitars

Rolling Stone 'bothered' to mention RR's custom Jackson guitar (Concorde) in their list of the top 20 iconic guitars.


Happy 70th Birthday, Jimi Hendrix: Photos of an Incendiary Talent

Happy 70th Birthday, Jimi Hendrix: Photos of an Incendiary Talent - LightBox

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Kurt Cobain's 'Jag-Stang' - 20 Iconic Guitars

Kurt Cobain's 'Jag-Stang' According to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, he designed his own guitar by taking Polaroids of a Fender Jaguar and a Fender Mustang and cutting them to fit together. Fender began producing the guitar after Cobain's death, and Courtney Love gave her husband's powder blue prototype to R.E.M.'s Peter Buck

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BB King

B.B King named all his guitars Lucille after he almost lost his life in a fire trying to save his first $30 dollar Gibson. Of all the Lucille's he is best known for playing variants of the Gibson ES-355. RIP BB King

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Dickey Betts - 100 Greatest Guitarists

Dickey Betts "I'm the famous guitar player," the late Duane Allman said, "but Dickey is the good one."