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    Nancy Walker (May 10, 1922–March 25, 1992) was an American actress & comedienne of stage, screen, & TV. She was also a film & TV director (most notably of The Mary Tyler Moore Show). During her 50 year career, she may be best remembered for her role of Ida Morgenstern, who first appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show & later on the spinoff series Rhoda. From 1971-76 she was a regular on Rock Hudson's McMillian & Wife. From 1970-1990 she played Rosie the waitress in Bounty paper towel commercials.

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Nancy Walker | Nancy Walker: May 10, 1922 — March 25, 1992 ]

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was the first TV program to feature a single, professional career woman as the protagonist. (photo: Pioneers of Television Archive)

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Valerie Harper as Rhoda has been my life's model. When I was a little girl, I would sneak my mother's scarves in my book bag and tie them around my head when I got to school. Didn't go over very well, as it was a Catholic school with a dress code that certainly did not include "the Rhoda look."


Rhoda spin off of the Mary Tyler Moore show....didn't really watch it as much. I like Nancy Walker as her mother though (she was also "Rosie" in the Bounty paper towel commercials).

Rhoda so cool and boho. You gave us, who were never going to be as skinny as Mary, no matter how much grapefruit we ate; a voice.

Valerie Harper is the actress that played Rhoda in Mary Tyler Moore and in Rhoda!