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On wheels to act as gate. so awesome

Backyard Beauty on a Budget

Budget-Friendly Backyard Landscaping: Makeover Inspiration Green Gate: Galvanized horse trough filled with soil and planted with arborvitaes. Trough measures 2 feet high and deep and 8 feet long. Built wooden brace for the bottom attached old piano dolly.

Seriously this chick is freaking brilliant.  Dollar Store $5 lanterns - DIY rocks.

Turn a clay pot into outdoor lighting.

Learn how to make outdoor lights using dollar store LED lights and pots or baskets or almost anything as a shade. Learn how to make outdoor lights using dollar store…

Habitually Chic®: Rosedale

my dream- Backyard stream. The kids would love to play in the water, even if it was a square shape stream area coming of of a Slate Rock Waterfall stream.

Beautiful gate

Wooden garden gate idea using large branches. I love the look of branch fences and gates, you see them a lot around the upstate SC and I would love to have it in my yard!

Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas http://www.thegardenglove.com/need-privacy-diy-garden-privacy-ideas/

Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas

Front Porch Gate.  I saw one of these a few blocks from my home and have wondered how to make one to keep my dogs on the porch.

Front Porch Gate on wheels. This is great for dogs and kids. :) For Grand kids some day!

Bamboo Planters - Great way to add a natural 'screen' for privacy, moveable & will keep the bamboo from taking over the yard.

Great way to plant bamboo. Bamboo tends to be intrusive and hard to remove once it takes hold. It spreads fast if not contained. Great way to plant bamboo.

Love this red gate/trellis combo

En Güzel Bahçe Kapıları

I love this garden entrance. I love the pathway the red gate the planting everything.

I would love something like this on the side of our garage, leading to the back yard.

Entrance from driveway to back yard traditional landscape - if we ever do a fence, I love this pergola gate!

Pergola Bench... Frank next project :)

Build a garden arbor bench - You can add a little romance to your garden with this handsome arbor bench. A free, illustrated, step-by-step building guide is offered by Sunset Magazine

Fence Idea - Use Cattle panels with 2x4's on the top, frame the ends in to secure the posts and use 1x4's on both sides of the bottom.  16' Cattle Panels are $20. (Tractor supply) 2"x4"x16' $6.75 (Lowes) 1"x4"x16' $9.28 (lowes) Would cost roughly $50 for every 16 feet. Not bad considering most fence sections are $40 for 8ft

Cheap Garden fence idea … The metal mesh is cattle panel. Strong enough to last and to pull growing ivy vines off of. Cheap Garden fence idea … The metal…

Great way to hold the garden shed door.  I need this for the chicken coop door!

Use for door, with post in base rock area? DIY Gate Door Stop : great way to hold the gate or shed door open.

tree branch for a hose holder

Use and old branch to hang your hose,so much nicer than the metal and plastic hose holders. I've used branches inside to hang purses on.


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