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Antique Turkoman silver necklace with gold wash and hand-cut carnelian stones. | ca late 19th to early 20th century.

Turkmenistan | Gulak-khalkah earrings from the Yomud people | Late 19th century | Silver, stamped and engraved, with cornelians

Antique Turkoman necklace | 5 linked pendant sections of gold wash over silver, 4 agate cabachons and a cascade of dangles in metal alloy and finished with chain.

Central Asia | Esari 'tumar' necklace; silver and carnelians | 19th century | POR

Antique Turkoman Necklace with Yomut gilded beads. The main pendant opens ~ an amulet container | Silver, carnelians and coral. | © Lynne Rouffa Springer.