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This stunning creature is the Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas), the largest moth in the world in terms of wing surface area. Their wingspan can reach up to ONE FOOT in length! They're said to be named after either the Titan of Greek Mythology which holds up the Earth, or because of the map-like patterns on the wings.

What are the rarest and most endangered butterflies of the world? This quick and easy guide tells you all about these beautiful and critically imperiled insects

Gorgeous Black & Red Butterfly. Loves butterflies. A clever worm that just stuck to it. .

gorgeous luna moth....I know it says, moth, but I'm sticking it with my butterflies...they're all related.'s too beautiful not to pin!

The Madagascan sunset moth or simply sunset moth, is a day-flying moth. It is considered to be one of the most impressive and beautiful Lepidoptera. It is very colourful, though the iridescent parts of the wings do not have pigment; rather the colours originate from optical interference. Adult moths have a wingspan of 3–3½ in.