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  • Thoriq Muthohari

    The future 35th president of the United States, Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, shortly before encountering a Japanese destroyer on the night of August 1, 1943

  • Tom Nichols

    Future President John Kennedy as PT Boat Cmd.

  • Thea Primiano

    JFK on PT-109, Solomon Islands 1943 Late in the night of August 1, 1943, Lieutenant John F. Kennedys Patrol Torpedo boat, the PT-109, was attacked by a Japanese destroyer in the South Pacific.

  • Norma Santos

    Family photos of John F Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, JFK Jr., and the rest of the Kennedy family on boats

  • beachgal

    Today 8-2 in 1943, future President John F. Kennedy is serving as commander of a torpedo boat in the Solomon Islands when his ship is fired upon by the Japanese navy. The PT 109 was split in half in the crash and sunk. Kennedy and his crew swam to an island and they were eventually rescued. Kennedy was credited with saving the crew. May of us read the book and/or saw the movie PT109 about this part of WWII - Pacific Theater historic event.

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Eat. Sleep. Run the most powerful nation in the world. Play tennis with your gorgeous wife.

Caroline giving her daddy a kiss. Many believe the Kennedys are the closest America will ever get to royalty.

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JFK; will always consider him the best president in my lifetime. I love a quote he made when he first heard Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking on TV, and said, "he is a very good speaker." You think? JFK was light years above his time

Kennedy was not praised for his foreign policy execution. Americans liked the sound of his foreign policy views in his inaugural speech, but during his presidency it was disappointing.

Whatever happened to the days of "Ask what you can do for your country" ? Seems like it's a lot of "Tell the government to stay away from my money because that's all I care about"

50 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas. The nation mourns his loss, to this day.

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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