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    Cicada - gorgeous shot, just amazing colours.

    Hermit crab with a glass shell

    cicada molting. I watched this once. On a tree right out the back door. It was amazing!

    malaysia's giant long-legged katydids are thought to be the largest insects in the world!

    Amazing Insects

    Isopods.... or as children call them, Rollypollies

    Meet the Peacock spider (Maratus volans) - a species of jumping spider native to eastern Australia. Only 5mm in length, it is only the males that have this bright colouring. The males also have extensions on their abdomen that can be folded down. They use these to display their colours and markings to females, earning them their name of ‘peacock’.

    fabulous mantis

    Emergence. Saw this once. It was one of the most amazingly beautiful experiences of my life. The colors of the newly emerged cicada were incredible, blues and greens unlike any I had seen before in nature. The colors were so ephemeral, changing minute by minute, and so hauntingly beautiful. Words don't do this justice. Garden organically to preserve these beautiful lives.

    Insects, Plate 4

    The Power Of Ant by Akhyar Maha. A lesson from an ant. I can do all things through Christ . . . Phil 4:13



    Grasshopper hide and seek

    Idolomantis diabolica

    Rhinoceros beetle, macro photograph by Igor Siwanowicz.

    "Phasia hemiptera" colorful tachinid fly. #macro_photography actually pretty looking cicada at that!

    Insects, Plate 15

    From Pictures of Alien-looking Insects - Insect Macro Photography