Purple, because aliens don't wear hats.

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I mean, really, math can't...


Only in math problems can you buy 60 cantaloupes and no one asks what the heck is wrong with you. --- Follow My Math Jokes Board for more Math Humor: http://www.pinterest.com/mathfilefolder/math-jokes-humor/ #MathHumor #MathJokes

Funny Friendship Ecard: When someone says 'STOP' I never know if its In the Name of Love, Hammer Time, or if I am supposed to collaberate and listen.

More like the LAW of Math! :) | #math #humor

Meh, it'll get done eventually. That's so me.

lol ... I know a few girls who feel the EXACT same way... #Funny fitness humor



...well it made me laugh.

Auto Correct


Lol Minion Math


bahaha this was me all the time with my crazy pregnant dreams!


Someone said to me, 'You're hard on your kids.' Yeah, that's why they aren't little assholes. | See more about one day and people.