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Treasure Bottles by aplaceofourown: by the age of three, most children have acquired nearly 1,000 words. But how do they learn these words? When you talk to your child during everyday activities and encourage him to express himself, you’re providing opportunities for him to learn and use vocabulary in meaningful ways. In this activity, you’ll learn how treasure bottles can spark your children’s natural curiosity and offer a wonderful way to introduce them to new words. #Treasure_Bottles

Lots of lovely leaves around to make beautiful decorations with! Whooo! This activity was really easy and I always like the art activities ...

Infant Activities - These are all practical and free to make (you probably have everything already), and your little ones will actually like them! I love that the blogger didn't try to make everything look polished and perfect for Pinterest - Your baby doesn't care if you wrap a play box in pretty, personalized paper!

Make Flubber

mixing and dropping food coloring is a great way to work on fine motor skills as well as work on following rules with ingredients and such... cool art project for kindergarteners to see how things mix

A Silly Art Book by aplaceofourown: In this activity, you’ll learn how to create a silly story book with your children, an art project that you and your kids put together with paper, yarn, photos and decorative stickers. #Kids #Literacy #creativity #Silly_Art_Bookl