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Respect Rap- I pin a lot of stuff by skimming the general idea and then go back through them when I have time. This I found and LOVE it so much that I emailed to all the teachers at my school and tweeted to my friends ! AWESOME VIDEO! ~Amanda

I can use this song to introduce the scientific method to my students. We can listen to it each day to get the class started. AS

Weathering Erosion and Deposition Game - Each team had to weather away a piece of their Lego landform, crabwalk (erode it) to the other end of the room, and deposit it on the desk. It showed how weathering away of rock makes it smaller and smaller, erosion is when sediment gets moved from one place to another, and deposition is when sediment gets dropped off to make new landforms.

The Water Cycle Rap (with lyrics) AMAZING rap about the water cycle in this wonderful video!!! It shows the lyrics at the same time so the students may follow along. English (UK) spellings of some words.