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Golden Book inside circa 1955 I loved looking at the back inside page of my Golden Books...and finding characters I knew from other Golden Books.

Ok I'm thinking you are wondering why this is on my "things that scare me" board but can you think of anything more creepy than a cookie man running down the road... KK

1968 Ad, Shillcraft Book of Rugs | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bobbsey Twins! I read every one of these in the series about 2 sets of twins.

Loved, loved, loved the Bobbsey Twins! This was the exact book me and my twin sister had. Loved it.

"Figure slimmer now offered for the first time. Only $3.49 complete with crotch piece" from the Dec 57 edition of Sir! magazine.

How to take Magazine Cover Pictures of your cat. (This makes me so happy)

TanFASTic from Seventeen Mag, 1961. Illus. by John Larrecq.

Illustrated by Frederic Varady January 1960, Cosmopolitan magazine.

Flowers in the attic and all subsequent books in the series. I re-read this series every couple of years and I still love it.

With the weather turning bad I think perhaps we need this stunning wear for ourselves and canine buddies

This was not the brand we bought, but we all used paste in school and most kids, me included would lick it off their fingers. I have no idea why, although I liked the smell of it, it tasted gross.