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Wish I could have done the sunrise hike in Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal at sunset. Such a great trip with my dad.

Tikal- awesome picture.

Some of the many steps: Yaxha Ruins Guatemala, near by Tikal and Flores. Guatemala Tours 2012

Right Side of the Temple of the Masks in Kohunlich

Tikal in Guatemala... the famous Mayan city. January 2006

Mayan cities: Chichén Itzá (Mexico), Tikal (Guatemala), Caracol (Belize), and Copán (Honduras). The pyramids and stelae are well worth seeing, especially at jungle-shrouded Tikal (above), but here’s the thing: Maya civilization isn’t long gone. Its apogee may have passed, but millions of Maya people and their culture remain alive and well, most vibrantly in Guatemala’s Western Highlands.

Tikal This was a great trip with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Except the tour guide was seriously ridiculous...

Masks of Chac the Rain God on a corner of Temple 22

Grand Jaguar Pyramid at Tikal mayan ruins, Guatemala - by rodolfo obando One of my stops after I'm done with PA school..::I've learned so much about the Mayans and want to finally go there!!