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    19th Century Handwoven Overshot Wool Linen Coverlet in Red French Blue Cream | eBay

    Handwoven linen doublcloth hanging by Theo Wright

    gorgeous handwoven textile by susan johnson of avalanche looms

    Antique 19th Century Red White and Blue Coverlet Panel | eBay

    Antique Overshot Coverlet Patt Nine Snowballs Cream Navy Salmon 1840"S | eBay

    Mountain Cucumber / Governors Garden | overshot: table & wheel | warp: one-ply, tight twist, off-white cotton | weft: one-ply, loose twist, navy blue wool | Kentucky, U.S.A. | c. 19th century

    Rare 19th Century Lavender and Moss Linsey Woolsey Jacquard Overshot Coverlet Piece - 34 Inches by 21 Inches

    Overshot coverlet, early 19th century

    Original Hand-Woven French Vintage Linen

    Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

    Linen window... Avalanche Looms

    DIY: linen market bag #Crochet

    "Reflection" Handwoven Rug. Lark Textile Design/True North Textiles.

    Judith Poxson Fawkes | Second Fleet | linen | double weave | 31-1/2" x 39"| Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. | 2012

    Inspired by Sonia Delaunay--Hand stamped #Triangles on #Linen #CharlotteHamilton

    overshot weave

    American Coverlet Styles and Signatures - Country Living. Overshot ROCKS!

    handwoven blanket.

    : "a shimachou was an album that women would keep of the fabrics they had woven. Most homes in 19th-C Japan had their own looms, and women wove the fabric for clothes. The shimachou was a sample book and also a record of abilities"

    Rosemarie Heber Koczÿ, Trees (1972) Hemp, sisal, linen, jute, raw silk, algae, and wool,

    Scandinavian Made - handwoven rug