The Goonies

Epic 80's

One of my all time favorite movies

Love this movie. Have it on DVD now.

The Karate Kid

Death Becomes Her - I loved this movie back in the day!

Also one of the best football movies, but also one of the greatest movies in general!

The Princess Bride. One of my favorite


The Goonies

Big - On Par with the goonies for old school amazing films.

Great movie

Roadhouse, one of my all-time favorites ...

The First Wives Club

the patriot movie - Bing Images

love this movie


Die Hard - 1988

55. The Lost Boys...many people will fight this one, but it's classic '80s.

Ocean's Eleven

Steve Buscemi and my particular favorite piece of Adam Sandler's movie career and it's sooo illustrative of the horror that was the 1980's