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40. Washi tape is all the rage right now. Use this tutorial by Peppermint Granberg to feature realistic digital washi tape on your page. 2pts

39. For the love of Target - Scrap a layout about a place you can't imagine your life without. 1pt

38. Winter may be here but spring color is in! Use the 2012 Pantone Spring Color Forecast to inspire the color scheme of your layout. 1pt

37. Take inspiration from this layout by Kelly Purkey and scrap a page showing off what makes you cool. 1pt

36. Comic Sans is one of the fonts designers love to hate. Learn to love a font you would normally avoid by featuring it on your page. 1pt

35. I'm pretty. We are our own worst critics. We hide our selves when we don't feel good enough and put on a plastic smile for the world. Scrap about your insecurities. 2pts.

34. I am alt of ctrl. Use this photograph to inspire your title work. 1pt

33. One thousand Means of Escape. What's something you would like to run away from in life? Why do you want to get away? Scrap about how you dream of escaping some reality you are dealing with. 2pts.

32. I love those little vintage plastic flowers, buttons, and beads. Use this image as inspiration and pile on all the little baubles. 1pt.

31. The anatomy of a Cupcake. Use this image to inspire your layout. Scrap about the "ingredients" that make up the person you are. 1pt

30. Aww the good old days. I remember when telephones looked like this. Journal about something from your past that is different from today. Include journaling describing that time in your life, or a certain thing you remember well. Document history! 2 pts.

29. I am in love with the outfits I see all over Pinterest from Head over to their site to be inspired. Scrap about your current style, or be inspired by patterns and colors! 1 pt.

28. An old favorite... Spin A Lift. I have been in awe of Mary's gallery this year. Head over to SugarBabe marnel's gallery and choose a page to lift. Spin it 90 or 180 degrees. Be sure to share which page you lifted. 1 pt.

27. Use this image, "Places I Haven't Been" as inspiration to scrap a layout about travel, whether you have been there, or not. 1 pt.

26. Use this article from clickinmoms to inspire your food photography. Scrap a page about FOOD! 1 pt.

25 - Instead of a title create a monogram and use that as the focal point of your layout. - 1 pt

24 - Use heart elements or create ones with paper and make your layout background filled with hearts. - 1 pt

23 - Use frames to frame anything BUT photos! - 1 pt

22 - Wouldn't life be perfect if? Create a layout describing one way in which life could be perfect - you could even ask your kids and create a layout with their responses. This would be a great memory to look back on down the road. - 2 pts

21 - Perception vs Reality. Create a layout where the outcome of what you thought would happen was completely different than originally thought. Was it better or worse? - 1 pt

20 - Peek-a-boo! Play with folded or torn paper pieces or cutouts on a layout. - 2 pts

16 - Photography challenge! Be inspired by this photo and use your hands, arms, or other body parts to form symbols like the peace sign, a heart, or even a letter. Scrap the photo/s in a layout. - 1 pt.

19 - Draw inspiration from this graphic and scrap a layout describing a relationship in a metaphor. - 1 pt.

18 - Scrap a layout inspired by this statement. - 1 pt

17 - Are you a geek or a nerd? Do you fall in between? Are you only a little bit of both? Are you neither? Do you have something you're geeky or nerdy about? Use this graphic as a jumping off point for some journaling on a layout. - 1pt