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Create Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Create Your Own Indoor Herb Garden, excess water can drain when you drill holes into the bottom of each tin. <3

Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! - could easily do, and keep bad plants away from the furrbutts!!! Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens • Lots of Great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, this idea of small tin buckets attached to repurposed wood. Love this look!

Self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle. perfect for indoor fall greenery

10 Everyday Household Items That Make Perfect Seedling Starters

Random but we just had a huge box of stale cones come in through gleaners... this'll be perfect!

Garden Marker Ideas

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.

Ideas for a Stylish Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

Freeze herbs while they are fresh - put chopped herbs into ice tray and add olive oil before freezing. Then put into freezer bags and label for later use.