Kids. Little children fascinate me with their just general happiness and ability to get over things so quickly. I miss the carefree days from when I was younger.

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I can only hope that if I am lucky enough to one day become a mother that I will end up with a little girl as adorable as this.

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Summer fun!!! Water hose fights and cold drinks. Did you ever squeeze it and let go just in time to squirt your brother or sister in the face??? He-he-he!!!

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Beautiful. <3

New again... The photographer love this image an so he calls it New again. By my standards this little girl will always be new and beautiful. #children #photography

Provincetown, Cape Cod. If I'm ever in the area I might have to stop by this shop. Much like pretty bindings and bookmarks, I love bookshops (REAL bookshops) almost as much as I love books

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Persuasion by Jane Austen - my favorite Austen novel. Anne Elliot is a much smarter Austen heroine than most.




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