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  • Vicki Rother

    For Memorial Day: a tribute to our fallen soldiers and those they left behind | Poor Richard's News. This photo got picture of the year when it was published. I believe this is the soldiers fiancé. The price paid for our freedoms!!!!

  • Patricia Williams

    Mourning her fiance This photo makes my heart ache for her

  • Eddie Hilbert


  • Eddie Foxx

    Happy Memorial Day weekend ya'll! Enjoy some time off with the family, grill the fool out of some meat...and raise a little hell if ya'll feel like it. Just, be careful...I'm broke. I can't come get ya'll. Let's make damn sure we don't forget the TRUE AMERICAN HEROES that have fought (and still fight) to protect all the freedoms we enjoy. And remember the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless ya'll...and may God continue to Bless America!

  • Shirleygirl

    The young woman lying across a young soldiers grave as a reminder. MEMORIAL DAY~ IN CASE YOU THOUGHT IT WAS NATIONAL BBQ DAY

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