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Streicher Sculpture

Sculptures Floating

Installation Art

Art Installations

Max Streicher’s Mind-Blowing Inflatable Sculptures

Art Max

Sculptures Maxstreicher

Kinetic Sculpture

Art Installations

Inflatable sculptures - Max Streicher

Artist Jannick

Art Sculpture

Canadian Art

Art Junkie

Textile Art

The work of young Québécois artist Jannick Deslauriers emphasizes art’s most fragile elements, through a mass of translucent fabric. Her delicate fibre art spins out thread sculptures that send strong messages, covering the ghosts of cities, people and of war. (Above: The ghost of the Van Horne House, 2006-07, embroidery on tulle and organza, 60″x48″x24″)

Journal du Designfrom Journal du Design

Incroyables sculptures en bois par Henrique Oliveira

Art Installations

Henrique Oliveira

Tree Sculpture

Henrique Oliveira #experimentsinmotion #motion

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Stunning Sculpture Projects Poems in Different Languages

Sculpture Projects

Projected Poems

Beautiful Poems

Projects Poems

Art Installation

Sculpture Poems

Stunning Light Sculpture Projects Poems in Different Languages by Jim Sanborn

Balloons Sculpture

Giant Balloon

Latex Balloon

Edinburgh International

Art Installations

10 000

Balloon Sculpture

Artist Jason Hackenwerth Unveils Massive New Balloon Sculpture at Edinburgh International Science Festival. See many more photos on Colossal:

Mixed Media Sculptures

Art Doll

Bird Sculpture

Johan Hagaman

Concrete Sculpture


Johnson Tsang

Amazing Coffee

Art Sculptures

Optical Illusion


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Max Streicher’s Mind-Blowing Inflatable Sculptures

Indoor Pools

Cumulus Max

Google Search

Inflatable Clouds

Streicher Alto

Inflatable Art

Glass Art

Daum Glassworks

Glass Sculpture Art

Abhar Glass

Art Glass Sculpture

Daum Glass sculpture

Artists Studios

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Art Video

Art Picasso

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Picasso Painting

Art History

Picasso Drawing

Thrilling, rare footage of Picasso drawing. Fluid genius.

The Vergefrom The Verge

Flexible paper sculptures bend skulls and minds

Sculptures Work

Hongbo Demonstrating

Extraordinary Sculptures

Paper Sculptures

Paper Sculpture Art

Li Hongbo is a Beijing-based artist who turns ordinary paper into extraordinary sculptures - The sculptures are incredibly detailed and realistic but also bend and flex in incredible ways. Imagine how much time this took! So cool!

Cast Bronze

Artist Jerzy

Art Sculpture

Puppeteer Bronze

Statues Sculpture

Kedziora Bronze

Bronze Sculpture

Balancing Statue

Cold cast bronze, aluminium Garden Or Yard sculpture by artist Jerzy Kedziora titled: 'The Puppeteer (Bronze resin High Wire figurative statues)' £16,667

Sculpture Textiles

Textiles Sculpture

Fiber Art

Emiliefaif Textile

soft sculpture installation by French artist Emilie Faif #soft_sculpture #fabric #installation

Blue Balloon

Giant Balloon

Artists Art

Jeff Koons

Jeff koons_ Kicking it at his Studio Join Now! Calling all artists & Art Galleries, Get Listed! Follow us on Twitter: @ArtDirectory_

Inflated Artistic

Art Design

Installation Art

Artist Victorine

Art Sculpture

Vw Beetles

Sculpture Installation

Beetle Sculpture

Noor Sculpture

Noor Vw

1953 VW Beetle sculpture by Ichwan Noor

Bent Architecture

Interactive Art Installations

Interactive Installation

Art Design

Architecture Bent

Bent Installations

Interactive Sculpture

Interactive sculpture with an architecture bent, cool installations by Alex Schweder



Koons Sculptures

Installation Art

Sculpture Installations

Jeff Koons

Art Sculpture

Tonbronze Sculpture

Obronze Sculpture

Sculpture Installation

Bronze Art

Sculpture Art

Original bronze sculpture by Jesus Curia Perez - Paris Art Web

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20 Bizarre Works of Public Art from All Over the World

Miina Akkijyrkka

Sculptor Miina

Car Parts

Cow Sculptures

Enormous Cow

Artist Miina

cow feat cow. Photo by Juha Metso.