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"The hardest thing about being a mom is losing some of the spontaneity in life. There's no more getting up and going somewhere because you've suddenly decided it would be fun—no impulsive actions, no last minute trips or outings. Almost every action or trip must be thought of in advance—seeing a movie, going out to dinner, taking a nap, walking the dog." jemima kirke

Fill your children with good thoughts before they go to bed. Ask them about their favorite part of the day, praise them for a good deed, pray with them, and tell them they’re the best gift God ever gave you. They’ll fall asleep feeling ten feet tall. -David Young #ALittleGuide

Can we get an AMEN! Mom Life is the Best life! Our Newest mug addition, is Mom Life is the Best Life. This is perfect for all the proud mama's out there. Sip your morning brew from our Gold Mom Life i

Popular Baby Names 2013

I always look over my shoulder thinking let's not repeat those mistakes instead of looking to the future!!