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    • Sherry Jordan

      I Believe In Good People. via | a life lived well

    • 1GXG

      How does child abuse end up occuring in the Romanus Catholik Chiesa? It's a piss take , Lord Satan of The Pentagram subjects "divinity" to ridicule and humiliation , because he can't destroy the divine nature , nor can he enjoin with it because he has Janet Jackson head sitting on his shoulders that makes him all emotional and stuff the next best thing is to take the piss ,

    • Proactivism Org

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    • Brigitte Holtmeier

      I believe in good people. I do. :) And in healing, laughter, love, positive change, hope, and dreams. Live THIS...Believe in the Good and things will happen :)

    • FUN Is The Answer

      "Where'd all the good people go?" -Jack Johnson #quote (love that song!) #music

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    Hugs are one of my favorite things. They are a scientifically proven much needed aspect of life in order to maintain your health and happiness.

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    Relationship means adjustment, it is giving. But at the same time leave some room for the other partner to give. This needs a little skill - to make the other also contribute without demanding. If you demand, the relationship is not going to last long. Demand and blame destroy love.__ Photo: Lapis Buddha mudra

    Tao Porchon-Lynch is 94 years old, a yoga teacher, and dances Tango and Samba whenever she gets the chance! She says "I don't believe in age. I believe in the power of energy." Couldnt agree more....

    Amen. Except substitute "artist" for "writer" or "photographer" or "designer" or "performer" or any other creative, undervalued job.