Wall art..cool idea..need to change the fabric background though...

doily wall art

Doily bags for hand outs

Unique Crochet wall art


Doily window treatment


Wall Art Using Heirloom Doilies and Vintage Buttons

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http://www.insightjewels.com I don't generally feel drawn to Cross decor, but I think this is adorable. Must make someday.

so pretty

cool kid wall art

re-purposed vintage doilies in a window frame - now this would be cool with some of grandma's old doilies...

doily wrapped around a balloon, glued and balloon popped.

DIY : Lace Doily Bowl - pretty holder for jewelry. I like the ideaof leaving a little doily on the bottom of the jar for decoration then fill it with spiced tea mix or something for a gift.

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diy wall art idea

DIY: colorful wall art


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