How awesome is this? Have your child write out a message and use it for a tattoo. I gotta remember this when my kid can write. This is so adorable. Cute idea

daughter's drawing

Tattoo You - i really want to try this! great way to test out places to see if you'd want a real one there too!

Have your baby's first heart beat tatooed somewhere.


barren tree finger tattoo by Bram Adey

white foot tattoo

Blackbird singing in the dead of night... Take these broken wings and learn to fly.. All your life.. You were only waiting for this moment to arise... Blackbird fly! I hear my uncle Gavin singing this whenever I hear it or read it. ❤


Unconditional love for my 3 children (doves) -family- forever! (Infinity). This may be my next tattoo. Three birds in flight for my children. Infinity because of my love for them

Tattoo Design <3

Creative Tattoo of "Woody" from Toy Story. Toy Story was the first feature-length computer-animated film and the first film produced by Pixar.

Couples' tattoos can be pretty hit or miss. We've seen corresponding full-body tattoos that form torso-sized hearts and questionable ink with indiscernible meanings. And then there's always the issue of a potential breakup. Do you get a major laser-removal job, try to make it into something else, or stick with it longer than you stuck with the relationship? Still, sometimes you get the cool couple with amazing ink ideas and who totally nail their matching tattoos. Here is some adorable body ...

33 Impossibly Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas You'll Want To Say "I Do" To...not sure if I would ever do this, but I love the date on the inside, under your rings

tattoos / tattoos owl tattoo

awesome. love it!!!

Vegetable (carrot) Tattoo, Vegan Appropriate.

These parents are amazing!! So sweet!