How awesome is this? Have your child write out a message and use it for a tattoo. I gotta remember this when my kid can write. This is so adorable. Cute idea

great tattoo!

“where comes passion, there is love ; where comes faith, there is strength”

Have your baby's first heart beat tatooed somewhere.


Kids name tattoo idea- this is too cool if you are wanting to put your children's names on your body

cute idea

John 3:16

Irish Tattoo back shoulder. Never going to get it, but very cool

tattoo of childs name in child's handwriting...swooon!

My sister & I <3

Dandelion and Birds- but with hummingbirds, one for each of my babies

I love this tattoo I may get this one when I'm old enough <3 I love how the top of the m has become a bird and is flying away

finger print heart tattoo - i want to do this with my childs fingerprint!!!!

I love this! After we're done having kids I would have a bird for each of them and their names along the stem of the dandelion.

I wouldn't get this but this is still an adorable Disney tattoo with a good quote :)

Personalized InfinityTattoo With Children's Names

tattoo ideas with kids names for women | 30 Pretty Tattoos You Should Check Today - SloDive

Tattoo Idea!

nice ! thats art!