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  • Gillian Rose

    precious moments

  • Massimo Viti - Architectural Make Up+

    jessica-harrison: One of the things I remember from my childhood, is that porcelain/ceramic china were very much in vogue. Everyone had these pseudo fancy (read corny as hell) and annoying little things all over the place. Jessica Harrison must have a similar trauma, because she took these and ran with it, all the way to bizarroville. She uses her fascination with body parts to pick traditional items and transform them into hybrid creatures not suited for the faint hearted.

  • Breanna Hollis

    Wedding topper

  • Karen Lawton

    Ceramic Headless Brides - Twisted Porcelain Dolls by Jessica Harrison Are a Dark Take on Toys

  • Miles Harrison

    Horror Ceramics. Perfect for a Zombie wedding.

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Wasn't sure where to put this...kind of odd little series but I actually really like them. (Mairi, 2010; series of 'horror' figurines by artist Jessica Harrison)

I've put this under this category as I find these dolls quite creepy (possibly as a result of horror movies I've watched)

Completely in love with these beautiful tattooed ladies ♥

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yikes....just what i always want-ted...

"Artist Debra Broz, seamlessly reconfigures kitsch animal figurines into works of art, by transplanting their ceramic limbs and merging different creatures together." - www.junk-culture....

Perséphone [LeekeWorld Ariana] (by Meïko)

Santina ♥ I own her and saw her pinned around and thought it would be nice to give Credit where its due, Santina is a Custom Blythe by Kittytoes and her Mini Doll is By DevoutDolls, Both talented and amazing girls ♥ I took this picture this past summer and I was excited to see it so well loved! Thank you! ♥