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    The Otero home where Joseph and Julie Otero and their children Joseph and Josephine were killed by the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader


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    • Melanie Sabol

      The Otero home where Joseph and Julie Otero and their children Joseph and Josephine were killed by the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader

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    Little Joey Otero, 9 years old, murdered by BTK - the brutality of this crime still stuns me - 4 of the Otero family were BTK's first victims - this boy's young sister was killed also - left hanging... horrific

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    Dennis Rader: He was known as the BTK killer, which stands for Bind, Torture and Kill, an apt description of his modus operandi.

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    AVOID SERIAL KILLERS!! - Human skin gloves made by serial killer Ed Gein.

    This photo inside the ghetto of a dying child was taken illegally by Wehrmacht Sergeant Heinz Joest on Sept. 19, 1941. He spent his 43rd birthday illegally inside the ghetto taking pictures. A documentary about his day was made in 1991 titled "A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell."

    Bondage art drawn by Dennis Rader aka BTK serial killer.

    A mother hides her face in shame, c.1948, Chicago. Forced with eviction and penniless, the parents have literally put their children up for sale. This was not a joke…What’s interesting is that the accompanying article did not pass judgement and there are no calls for whisking the children away to protective services. I'm wondering what ended up happening to these children?

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    Neighbors complained of a foul stench around this clapboard house, belonging to Anthony Sowell. The smell was largely blamed on a nearby sausage factory until October 29, 2009, when a search revealed the bodies of eleven women in the home. Just over two years later the house was completely demolished.

    "Irma Grese, “the Beast of Belsen” (1923-1945) - a former nursing assistant and teenage Nazi SS auxiliary female guard in Auschwitz and Belsen concentration camps. Under the Nazi system, Irma was trained to function as a state serial killer, but in the end began to kill for her own hedonistic needs. She had a dark compulsion to torture and kill inmates in her charge and became so excessively homicidal that even male SS guards began to complain. She was hung by the British on December 13th 1945."

    Belle Sorenson Gunness (1859-1908?) was a serial killer who had moved from Norway to Chicago in 1881. She killed most of her suitors and boyfriends, and her two daughters, Myrtle and Lucy. She may also have killed both of her husbands and all of her children, on different occasions. Her apparent motives involved collecting life insurance, cash and other valuables. Reports estimate that she killed between 25 and 40 people over several decades. She became known as "Hell's Belle".

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    As an eight-year-old, Mary Ellen Wilson was severely abused by her foster parents, Francis and Mary Connolly. Her case of child abuse led to the creation of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Image dated 1874.

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    Russian children caught in the Blitz. Thousands of women and children suffered and died in this massive effort to stop war.