• chris ng

    Add some more green to your already environmentally friendly transportation with the Bike Planter by Colleen Jordan. Hand-made from orange acrylic, this tiny container lets you carry your favorite piece of foliage with you on all your travels. Plants are not included, giving you the chance to personalize your container with your own one-of-a kind garden. $36. now i just need a bike...

  • véronique cruz

    Bike planter by Happy Bicycle

  • Lauren Powell

    Do you like riding your bike... And plants? Orange Bike Planter: A Wearable Planter for Your Bike

  • Gina Wallace

    Quite possibly one of the most pointless products ever. Plants wouldnt really survive all the drafts and wind? Weird

  • Ari Munoz

    Little garden on the go 🌱🚲

  • Sheila Wujek

    Orange Bike Planter. Really cool idea!

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It looks like a work of modern art but actually, Kishu is a charcoal stick designed to purify your water and impart minerals like calcium and potassium. Used for water purification in Japan for centuries, this large Kishu stick is 97% carbon and can last up to four months. Simply place it in a pitcher of tap water, let it sit overnight to reach optimal absorption, and enjoy H2O that tastes pure and sweet. $14

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10 Brilliant Book Ads via www.buzzfeed.com/

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Amy Hudson should def. get these for your wedding.

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