toilet paper roll and popsicle stick knitting spool.

spool knitting

paper roll art

giant spool knitting :) I have to think of something to make with this!

fun group project

I am going to have the kids I babysit make this for their mom. It's a no-knit scarf. How cute?

GREAT tutorial on Loom Knitting a Scarf.

Wrap old coffee cans in rope - I'm making these for my bathroom

french knitting with wire?

Cute knitting pattern.

How to Wire Knit with a Knitting Spool - Daily Blogs - Beading Daily

Toilet paper roll art

Toilet Paper Roll Flower!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

wreath made from empty toilet paper rolls

Space rocket craft made from a paper towel roll- my kids would LOVE this!

Tons of cute & clever ideas using...toilet paper rolls!

toilet paper rolls into gift boxes!

DIY Paper coffee cup

Tons of ways to use paper rolls, great project tutorials! Not just kids' crafts. Some really great ideas.

Cool knitting spool!