tree house under the stairs...

now there is a tree bed. a glorious tree bed at that. hang me some ornaments & yes.. yes..yes..yes.

Why build your kids a treehouse when they can have a hobbit hole? (I don't know how they did it... but it's the cutest thing ever... gotta figure it out!)

Great idea for the bottom of the stairs. Now, how long would it take for this to be done?

Magic Treehouse playroom / kidtropolis

Why walk when you can slide!

Tree mural that has a ladder going up into the attic. It's like a tree house! :) Oh, i love this! :)

The Giving Tree

Tree lamp. Playroom maybe? Love it!

The Stairs of my Dreams! BOOK STAIRS! Stairway to the reading room at The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum. Kirkwood, Missouri. ... Give the artist some credit!. Link / Pin from the Primary source. If you want to promote your fave blog, do it here in the caption.

Indoor Treehouse Design Ideas ~ this is kinda what I'm envisioning for the twins' room. Put these on opposite walls around the corner tree with the swing bridge being longer to span the distance. With stairs instead of ladders & OBVIOUSLY, pink & white with a more Enchanted Forest girlie type theme...

Baby girls room

play the piano stairs

amazing book storage

Loft with stairs and under-stair bookshelf.

shoe closet under the stairs

Options for that space under the stairs!

under-stairs-shelves! How awesome!

mommo design: HOUSE BEDS

This is another great idea for a playroom

tree houses